1- Preface:

We think that three major parties in Canada are unsuccessful and "out of order". They could not serve as poor people's parties and make their dreams a reality. Huge population of needy and deprived people in Canada is the result. No need for more evidence than their past performance and you know "that".


2. Reasons to create this new party:

We want and hope to change this situation and system.  So we decided to establish and register a new federal party with your (interested people) help.

We shaped this web page to share our hope and decision with you. We present our vision statement (proposal) here to let you know about our dreams. It is just the starting point and we present some important issues. Nothing is completed and in details. continuation is up to you.


3. Procedure and what to do next:

- Please read this proposal carefully.

- Show if you like it.

- Compare them with other parties’ and complete them.

- Put your suggestions, opinions and proposals in any area here, so that all interested people become aware of all opinions.

- Then we will arrange meetings, so that we can talk in person and have brain storms about all issues.

- Then in a final meeting, we will approve the final name, constitution, by-laws and platform.

- We will elect a temporary Leader, management committee, advisory group, treasurer, secretary, auditor, etc.

- We will register the party in "Election Canada".

- And finally we will go for a true internal election.


4. Temporary proposals (vision statement/plan)

A. Values (principles, vision):

A-1. Love (kindness, humanity,...): We believe in loving all human beings, creatures, environment,... and being loved. We cannot make Canada a better place without pure love.

A-2. Human rights and freedoms- in accordance with "Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms" , “ United Nation (universal) declaration of Human Rights “ and “ Amnesty International Human Rights Principles”.

A-3. Justice (judicial, democratic, economic, social, health, education, banking and monetary, etc.).

A-4. Lovely democracy (electoral reforms, proportional representation, no monarchy).

A-5. Lovely Environment (clean environment & earth, climate change).

A-6. Peace & safety (no violence in any shape and kind).

A-7. Lovely diversity.

A-8. Anti-Corruption (No Bribery, No appointment, designation or special favours for friends and family members, No acceptance of any gifts, No special treatment with lobbyists…If offence approved and convicted, expulsion and deprived forever).

B. Constitution (in accordance with Canadian constitution & Canadian Election Act)

B-1. Name:

B-1-a. Love party of Canada

B-1-b. Humanity party of Canada

B-1-c. People party of Canada

B-1-d. Kind party of Canada

B-1-e. Citizen party of Canada


B-2. Membership:

B-2-a. Every person capable of loving and being loved can be a member of the party.

B-2-b.Membership fee is less important than member's feelings.

B-2-c. Members voluntarily put their heart in it. They feel that they are doing something for themselves and are following their hearts.

B-2-d.They know that proposal is easier then performance, but here they have lovely and heartily performance.

B-2-e. They give something (money, time, effort, vote,...) just because they like it, and without any expectation in return.

B-2-f. No tax, but lovely task!

B-2-g. They want to do something in their life, that be proud of it in their solitude.


B-3. Electoral District Association (EDA).

B-4. Meetings.

B-5. Convention (Every 2 years, 2/3 of votes).

B-6. Authority and management (leader, vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, executive directors).

B-7. National Board of directors.

B-8. Provincial and territorial.

B-9. Commissions and communities.

B-10. Internal Elections.

B-11. Fund.

B-12. Appeals, amendments and disputes.

B-13. Code of Ethics.

B-14. Anti-Corruption session.


C. By-laws

In all issues of constitution and approved by convention.


D. Platform

This section just includes some important different issues which are not mentioned in other platforms:

D-1. Reducing credit cards interest rate to the same percentages as banks themselves pay to people's saving accounts or to mortgage loans.

D-2. Fair welfare for jobless and poor people (which can cover a human life expenditure), they can voluntarily work for government in return.

D-3. Fair EI to fired people (which last enough till they can find a fair and suitable job without any pressure)- voluntarily work in return.

D-4. Free university and college tuitions for all needy students.

D-5. Free universal Pharma-Care for all (free medicine).

D-6. Free dental and physiology care for all (universal).

D-7. Elimination of poverty in Canada (free payments to families who live under the poverty line).

D-8. More modern subsidized homes for people in need (no 10 years waiting list).

D-9. Free kindergarten and daycare for needy families (no more waiting list) - free universal daycare.

D-10. Eliminate drug and alcoholic addictions through right policies with enough budget.

D-11. Endogenous people (lovely reconciliation &reimbursement - number 1 priority to put more and enough budget and effort to solve their life problems):

D-11-a. Poverty.

D-11-b. Accommodation (home).

D-11-c. Education.

D-11-d. Addiction.

D-11-e. Prostitution.

D-11-f. Unfair policing and judicial system (bias).

D-11-g. Giving them up governmental and auditing positions in federal and provincial levels.

D-12. Women Policy:

D-12-a. Women equality and comfort polices in all era.

D-12-b. Anti-sexual harassment and abuse rules.


E-Budget, Expenditure and Tax:

E-1- Lovely Tax: People usually are reluctant to pay taxes for 2 important reasons: First, governments are usually corrupted and do not spend people taxes to make a better life for them and their future generations (better health, education, social services, retirement income, safe and crimeless society, generous welfare and EI, clean and healthy environment, better culture and hobbies, etc). So, people do not trust governments for paying taxes.

Secondly, people usually prefer to have money in their own hands and spend it themselves instead of paying taxes to government. But in case of a lovely, honest, responsible and answering government which truly is people’s own government and is controlled by them, everything will change. This kind of government will be trustworthy and paying tax to it will not be waste of money, but spending and saving that for their own and their future.

Tax is a social debt for any person, because government has raised people and spent for them more than their own families (infra-structure, health, education, social services, social media, social organizations, clean environment and air, etc.). We become educated, safe, healthy and rich just with government help and expenditure for us. So, it is our responsibility to pay it back in the form of suitable taxes and secure our society for ourselves and children. Tax is a lovely investment for present and future and without paying that, we all will be victims of crime, violence and undeveloped society and culture.

This Lovely Tax is the main source of our budget.

E-2- Voluntary Work: Paying generous Welfare and EI, does not need a huge budget in case of a lovely government. As long as eligible people are receiving these payments, they will work for their own government heartily and in any position that is needed. So, government will save a huge budget by not paying for those positions and jobs.